:: Salamat derives from common dialects of the Philippines meaning "gratitude" in connection with the arabic translation meaning “get well” or “you’re welcome.”

:: Salamat Yoga was designed as a gateway to influence new demographics through immersive pop-up community experiences of gratitude & mindful movements. 

:: The intent is to bridge the gap by encouraging diversity & eliminating the stereotypes of yoga to create a good vibe experience for the masses.

:: Salamat Yoga has been featured at LA's finest venues from the Ace Hotel, The Grove, to the Row DTLA. Marco Antonio of Salamat Yoga has also hosted team building workshops for corporate brands including Adidas, Lululemon, Sony, & Urban Outfitters.

Marco Antonio


:: Born & bred as a Los Angeles native, he embodies the aura of the city through his creative vibrations. Since an early age, he was fascinated with art & movement imitating his idols: Micheal Jackson, Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, & The Ultimate Warrior.

:: During his early years, he immersed himself into break dancing & mixed martial arts where he earned accolades as an accomplished international competitor.Through his exploration of movement arts he unraveled a universe of unforeseen physical and mental parallel concepts through the art of yoga. 

:: With his relentless dedication as a meticulous designer, he radiates humble vibes through his creativity, playful personality, and mindful inspiration.

:: E-RYT 200 | AY Fit 20 | Thai Yoga Therapy 48 | Breathe 20 | Lululemon Ambassador (2016 - 2018) | Outstanding Yoga Instructor Award | UCLA 2018

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"Marco is a connector, community builder, and authentically taps into the mood to bring laughter, and entertain his students. His ease of connecting transcends every age group, ethnicity, background, and status. He enables his students to drop their guard at the door, be silly, and tap into themselves and connect."